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The main focus of my work is providing nutritional consulting based on soil and leaf analysis. Using data from both analysis, cause and affect issues are detected. On the basis of this data and the examination of causes, which in many cases is very different than most agronomists will identify, soil amendments and balancing formulas are recommended. In every farm on which this consultant has worked in more than 24 countries (35 years) calcium is always the key. Even in calcium rich soils such as South Florida, there was response to calcium sulfate to maximize calcium availability in papayas once the lands were overfertilized. The key to balancing the soil is using basic formulas that address the bases, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, hydrogen and aluminum. The balancing of micro-elements, iron, manganese, aluminum and zinc is critical. Microelements need to be applied to the soil to change crop economic outcome. First consult is ALWAYS FREE!

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